My Baby Canon EOS 1100D- Hubby’s gift to me 11th June 2011

I have been into photography for a long time. As a teenager I used to be the official camera woman for all my family functions. I used to borrow my dad’s Fuji camera that used film. Due to the fact that buying film and developing prints was a costly affair those days, my hobby was kept at the barest minimum. As the years went by I got engrossed with studies and work my hobby was relagated to the back-burner. I never really bothered getting a camera for myself and always relied enough on my horrible phone camera. However  in the year 2009, my husband gifted me a digital canon point and shoot camera which then revived my passion for photography. This time and era, digital is in and I was glad because I cd snap everything that caught my fancy and not having to bother with film issues and cost. Facebook soon became my storage albums and to date I have many albums stored away there of all my pics taken with the digital point and shoot.

Seeing how I had a passion for photography and loved moving around with my camera on 11th June 2011 my husband gave me a pleasant surprise by gifting me a DSLR Canon EOS 1100D that came with a kit lens 18-55mm.  I was beyond myself and as I got home I whipped out my baby and delved into the world of DSLR. After seeing the initial pictures that the baby took, it dawned upon me that I will never want to shoot another picture with a normal point and shoot camera ever. I could not thank my husband enough for this gift.

To date in my kitty I have a kit lens 18-55mm, a prime nifty fifty lens, a 50 255mm, a speedlite external flash and a mini tripod. The only problem is   have a full time job and cannot devote more time to my passion, somehow I manage to spend some time on my hobby as and when time permits me to do so. 


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