Kuldip’s Car Collection- Part 1

Ever since I was married to my husband 2 years ago my husband has always showed an interest in model cars. However since we were just renting a home at that time, he was just up to seeing those cars on shelves in shops as we had no place to store them.

Last year May since we moved to our new home, my husband hit the shops with a vengence and collected all the cars he had his eyes on all this while. So far he has  sizeable collection of vintage cars die cast collection so much so that we had to get extra shelves made in our counter glass case to place his collection of cars.

Now just to escape from my camera he gave me a suggestion to start photographing his cars. I have gone thru the whole collection. However the first times I started photographing his cars I was still a newbie with the camera and rough at the edges. Here is the first series of his vintage car collection photographed by me just a few days after I got my Canon baby.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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