My Dearest Husband

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My husband must be regretting his decision of getting me a DSLR because ever since I have been running after him to get him to model for me. Well my husband is not the most comfortable person on front of the shutter and runs far far away from anything that remotely resembles a  camera. All the 2 years I have been married to him I can count on my fingertips how many pics we have taken together. Most of them are flukes where my husband was caught off guard and had no choice but to pose for them.

Somehow one day whilst he was engrossed in something that caught his fancy on the laptop and I so happen to have the camera in my hands I decided to click some pictures of my husband. They turned out beautifully because he was not even aware i was shooting him and did not bother to evade the shutter as I went  click. The results turned out very natural.


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