Jay & Dr. Fabian

After 7 months, Jay paid a visit to his dearest Dr Fabian at TMC Fertility, Johor Bahru to wish him & his staff  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It was such  a delight to see  Jay in Dr Fabian’s arms. Jay was so comfortable with him as if he knew who Dr. Fabian was and recognised his voice as he has heard it many times when in mummy’s tummy.

In true sense our Santa Clause is Dr. Fabian as he gave us the most precious gift that we could ever ask for in the form of our son Jay.  Since Christmas is a season of giving, we wondered what do we give a man who has given us the world.  All material gifts seem to pale in comparison to what he placed in our hopeful arms. All we can give are our wishes and prayers.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Dearest Dr Fabian and family. With lots of love and best regards from Kuldip, Sharmila, Baby Jay and our entire families. Happy New Year to the entire staff of TMC Fertility Johor Bahru.


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