Some Frindships Last A Lifetime

2012’s new year eve was made even more special for us when my dearest friend Vasantha and her sister Chandra aka decided to come spend a few days with us and visit Jay for the first time. Vasantha and my friendship go back to the years when I was single, studying for my CLP back in KL. We became fast friends in the year 2000-2001 and till today our friendship has remained such. Although sometimes we get busy and tend to drift apart, we still managed to stay in the loop.

I was superbly excited when she told me she was coming down to pay us a visit. The first time in years since I had got married. This visit was even more special as she would be seeing Jay for the fist time. Needless to say we talked and talked and talked and caught up on everything that we missed out on in each other’s lives. We strolled down memory lane and loved every moment of it. I just wish we didn’t stay so far away and could meet up more often. Thank for Vasantha for being part of my life. Yours is one friendship I shall cherish always.

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