Jay’s 1st Birthday Celebration

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We can’t tell for sure if Jay knew what the hoopla surrounding him was all about last night but we sure made sure our prince’s birthday was celebrated lots of love, kisses and of course.

Apart from the crazy parents, Jay’s grandparents joined in the birthday excitement whereby granddad made his special mutton curry whilst his grandmum went a mile extra and made sweet dish kheer as well as gaphe  (which was made by a grandmother with love not only in the name of her grandson Jay but also in the name of her other 2 grand children Rajdip Singh and Ashviny Kaur).

When the time came to leave for the restaurant, we somehow manage to con Jay to wear a Mickey party hat which to our amazement he kept on till his cake was cut almost 1 hour later. We were pretty sure he did not know it was on his head for if he did know that hat wd not have lasted even 5 seconds let alone 1 hour. Nevertheless, Jay’s day was made special with all the kisses, love, cake, presents and not to mention the fat angpow he received. Happy birthday to the prince of our hearts Jay. We love u.


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