Happy Father’s Day Dad

Never did I ever imagine that this year I would be able to win a contest for my father. I can’t imagine I won first prize for the Lazada Malaysia Father’s Day contest which was advertised on Facebook. I just so happen to come across the ad and simply sent in one very special picture of my dad and me. Its a picture of my father giving me away on my marriage day. Ever since   I saw that picture it has been one of my favourite cherished pic as it spoke of a father’s love for his daughter which most of the time is only to be seen when he gives her away.  Well I entered that picture for the contest and turned out I won first prize. Totally bowled over and can’t wait for my dad to get home for me to tell him this. Happy Father’s Day dad. Once again, I could not have done it without you.

My message and winning picture was this:

Dear Dad ,

Although I don’t say it often enough, you are and always will be the rock in my life. I thank God that I inherited your never give up attitude. I shall always remember and cherish the fact that for a strong man who has never had a tear in his eye ever, you cried the most when you gave my hand away in marriage. I may have found my husband, my one true love, the hero of my life but YOU shall always be the hero of my heart. I Love you dad,


dad & me



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