My cherished hand-phones 13 years ago

I just happen to go through some old pictures [ as old as 16  years back] of mine and what caught my eye were the phones I held on to in those pictures. Looking at the pictures made me go back into time and recall just how many phones I had. Naturally slowly I lost count but somehow I still hold close to me memories of 3 phone models that I have had in the past. Up till today I still cherish those 3 phones not because of its cangihness ( for a want of a better word) but simply because they were given to me by my mum, my dad and my brother respectively at different phases of my life. The were nothing compared to the sophisticated phones we have today. They were regular screened (colourless might I add) phones that could do nothing but make calls. Way back in 1998, even smses were somehow unheard of and even if available they were only between common service providers ( i.e Maxis to Maxis or Digi to Digi). Inter service provider sms were unheard of and if memory serves me correctly,  the first service provider to actually allow inter service sms were Maxis after which a few years down others follow suit and thus the sms system evolved to what we have today.

sagemMy first phone was given to me by my mum, albeit on loan at first. The year was 1998 ( I was 20 years old then). My mum loaned me the phone during my exam period so that it was easier for me to call her after every paper to tell her how it went. Somehow after seeing how easy it was for them to keep tabs on me, my mum persuaded my dad to let me keep the phone and that was the phone I used throughout college. Today when I see teenagers as young as 13 being having phones ( not to mention smartphones that is)  I smile and in my heart tell them I got my first phone only when I was 20 years old. If today a teenager were to be told to wait till he/she is 20 to get their first phone I won’t be surprised they might have a heart attack then and there.  I still remember my first phone ( who can ever forget), it was a yellow and black colour Sagem MC810 ( the one with an antenna). Ahhhh how excited was I back then to have and hold a phone. Thank you Mum.


My second phone was a birthday gift from my brother when he had just started working in Singapore. It was circa around the year 1999 and the Sagem had already started to die on me ( I used to have to whack the earpiece in order for me to hear the other party…sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t). Anyhow my second phone was a cute baby. It was a blue colour siemens S26. Again not a canggih phone but for someone who had to whack her old phone crazy to make it work, this was a wonderful God sent. This is close to my heart not because I got it when I needed it but because this was given to me by my wonder brother. Thank you bro. I am pretty sure I thanked you way back then but I am saying thank you once again.

nokia3210 i My third phone memories which also is held close to my heart was  a Nokia 3210 ( finally a phone without an antenna). Those days it was very uncommon for a phone to not have an antenna. Every phone had one, some had long ones and some had short ones.  This Nokia happen to be my dad’s phone those days. It was heavy but it was a wonder because it was antenna less. I still remember the day I was going back to college after a holiday break and my dad handed me the phone. I assumed her wanted me to hold it for him but when i wanted to give it back to him, he told me to keep it. Boy oh boy, daddy doesn’t know how happy he made his little girl. Thank you dad.

Finally I had a phone without an antenna. To kids of the now generation this post would seem over the top and that I am making a big deal about nothing but bear in mind I am talking of life 13 years ago. 13 years ago when internet had barely just come into existence whereby modems were noisy dial-ups and wireless was not even heard of yet. Forget about broadband, they were not even a twinkle in their creators eye yet. So in that age and time to have something called a hand-phone without an ugly-looking antenna was more than a fashion statement. It was life.

I wonder how many people identify with this post of mine. How many kids from that era went through the same excitement of getting a phone as I did. How many out there still can recall and remember the name, shape, colour, display and workings of their first phone. I would just love to know.  How many would say yeah that was me 13 years ago.

I wonder.


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