We Are A Family……Again!

I almost forgot what  it was like being a whole family. The laughter, the noise (OMG), the jokes and the nonsensical banter all were revived exactly at 1.45am on 15th July 2013 from the time the thugs of Impian Emas returned to roost. I could have sworn even the house came alive again. It didn’t seem as if they had left at all. It didn’t seem as if it had been 1 year, 1 month and 6 days since we last saw each other. Finally I could jump on my brother and irritate him just like I used to. Gosh I wish time would just stand still and not move for I want to enjoy this moment and not let it pass. My family is a family again like old times.  My parents once again have all their 3 grandchildren under one roof again and the happiness on their faces shows no bounds.

I was overjoyed to hug Rajdip and Ashviny again and my how they have grown. My son finally got to meet his cousins Rajdip and Ashviny. He finally knows who they are in flesh and blood rather than seeing them weekly on an I-Pad screen. It was so heart warming to see Jay play with Rajdip and Ashviny. Needless to say it was exactly how I had imagined it would be, with Jay bullying the both of them and they grinning and having no choice but to bear it.

Welcome home guys. I missed you tremendously.

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