Jay’s First Steps


It is always a proud moment for parents when a child reaches or crosses a milestone. I still remember watching Jay attempt to turnover for the fist time up until the day when he could finally enjoy tummy time without having to struggle too much. Recently Kuldip and I were becoming slightly restless over the fact that Jay had yet to start walking or even attempt to walk. As regular parents I guess we went a tad bit overboard trying to get him to take a few steps every time he stood up but just like any other normal kid he was enjoying his crawl time and was not ready to stand on his  two as yet.

He however caught us by surprise a few weeks back when he attempted to take a few steps after standing up and in just a few days he had mastered the skill to stand on his own and walk.  We are glad we were there to witness the first steps of our son although being working parents and I am glad I had a camera near me to record it so that one day i could play back and show it to him and see his priceless reaction.

Once again the heart says a silent thank you to Dr. Fabian and his entire team of TMC for without their medical care and dedication we would not have been able to enjoy these little joys that Jay brings into our life everyday.

Here is the video:



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