My Friend Lachman Singh – Late Lachman Singh

735227_10200790597995715_657127905_nDeath ends life but never a relationship

This year marks the 6th year death anniversary of one of my closest friend Lachman Singh who fought and lost his battle to cancer in July 2007. Although it was sad at that time to let him go, deep down inside we, his friends were glad that he was relieved of all the pain and chemo. Lachman was more to me than just a friend. He was a philosopher, a guide, a mentor and a teacher. Although he was 67 years old and we were young college students, we connected in a most unusual manner. You always knew how to adapt yourself when dealing with a bunch of insane college students like us. We were mad but you always made us feel normal yet special. You guided me through the toughest of times and helped a 19-year-old away from home to fight the world and until today, whenever I am in a bad situation I would stop to think what would you do and how would you steer out of it and almost instantly a solution would come to me.

His story touched and motivated all of us in college to strive harder and to thank god how easy we have it in life.The story of a 4-year-old boy leaving his family behind in India to travel all the way to Malaysia with his Uncle and to start a life here all alone. The story of a young man starting his career in Lembaga Letrik Negara ( as it was known then, Tenaga Nasional to the younger generation)  as a pole planter  and retiring as a meter reader.  The story of a man embarking on a degree at the age of 60, graduating and going on to practice law as an advocate and solicitor for a few years before breathing his last. Who can ever forget the long lingering thunderous applause and standing ovation he received when he walked to receive his scroll in the year 2000 at the age of 63. His story will definitely be one that I would tell Jay in the years to come.

Such was our Lachman,  a true motivator even in death.

RIP old man ( as we used to so fondly call him) for you are in a better place now.

Although gone, you shall be never forgotten


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