Romance Me Baby One More Time- Not

Lately there has been a dearth of entertaining hindi movies. So much so that I have given up watching all the new junk that is being churned out by our Indian producers in the name of entertainment. Last night I happen to shift to Sony Max on Unifi and came across an advert for Yash Chopra’s last directorial venture Jab Tak Hai Jaan.  I made  a mental note of the date and time just to remind myself not to bother sitting in front of the idiot box when this movie is on so as to spare myself from becoming an idiot after watching it.

Such was not the case a few months back when JTHJ released. I had seen the trailer of the movie and was actually looking forward to watch Yash Chopra swan song Jab Tak Hain Jaan. I can safely say I am a big fan of Chopra sir as I grew up watching his movies and till today sometimes pop in a DVD of his old movies to wind down just for old times sake. Such was the staying power of his movies. He thought a giddy teenager the notion of romance and his movies made me a hopeless romantic at one time. I have lost count the number or time I have watched and re-watched his cinematic creation namely Chandni and Lamhe.

Unfortunately, the trailer proved to do no justice to the movie and  sitting through it was so torturous, we had to break the movies into 2 parts and 2 days ( unheard of in my vocabulary for a YC film).  I ventured the 2nd night to get to the credits of the film alone as Kuldip had given up on it totally and termed it as an utter waster of time.

At the end of it all my jaw dropped open and I could not believe that this junk of a movie came from the same man who gave us films like  Silsila (1981) Chandni (1989) Lamhe (1991) and of course Veer Zaara (2004) like movies. Where was the head of the movie and where was the tail I doubt even the director himself knew. Some movies lose steam after the interval but this was a movie that was a headless chicken right from the word go. Its like we say, the first of half of the movie didn’t know what the 2nd half was doing and vice versa. After enduring this almost 3 hour torture I had to recover the next few nights by watching a few of YC’s earlier romantic escaped. It took me 4 of YC’s earlier movies to completely erase and blank out the disaster called JTHJ.  Even the trailers of JTHJ seem to pale in comparison with the rest.  If you are a hopeless romantic and have time to spare go watch YC’s earlier movies  rather than wasting time on JTHJ.  Sharing  a few clips of  some of YC’s earlier movies which had best content, script and not to mention melodious songs.


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