When Will Parents EVER Learn – Will Parents NEVER Learn

The recent alleged kidnapping of Wan Aisyah in Rawang once again brought to light a very debatable topic of should negligence parents be taken to task. I am not going to comment on the legality of the issue at all. My article is just going to highlight the sensational disappearance of children over the past few years due to the negligence of their parents and how these children might have stood a chance to see the world longer if not for their parents carelessness.  All I hope to achieve by this is to make parents realize that these are bad times we live in and there is absolutely no room for complacency where the safety of a child is concern.

Nurin Jazlan

The murder that shocked the nation in 2007 when an 8 year old who was allowed to venture to a nearby night market on her own was kidnapped, rape, sodomized and murdered and her severely broken turned up days later stuffed in a sports bag.

Sharlinie Mohd Nashar

Barely 5 years old,  Sharlinie was allowed to play at a playground near her home with a sister minus any parental supervision. She has yet to return home to date and no one knows whether she is alive or not.

William Yau

Who can forget the smiling face of William who along with his siblings were left in a car by parents who both went into a electrical store to buy a washing machine. Williams remains were found days later floating in a river after he stepped out of the vehicle to go look for his parents.

Nurul Nadirah Abdullah ( Dirang)

An innocent 5 year old girl was strangled to death and her remains burnt when she was allowed to step out alone to a nearby grocery shop to buy a packet of maggi mee for her mother.

Nurul Huda Ghani

Merely 10 years old, she was raped by 3 men and left to die in a toilet of a TNB sub station whilst on her way unaccompanied to buy groceries at a shop somewhat 500m away from her home. Mind you she was raped barely 100m away from her home.

My question is a simple WHAT IF. 

WHAT IF Nurul Jazrin’s parent accompanied her to the night market

WHAT IF William Yau’s parents had not both left the car to go buy the washing machine

WHAT IF Dirang was accompanied by a parent to buy that maggi mee

WHAT IF Sharlinee was escorted to the playground by a parent

WHAT IF Nurul Huda Ghani was not allowed to go on her own to the groceries.

I am just glad that innocent liitle Wan Aisyah has been returned to her mother in one piece unharmed. I am glad that her mother doesn’t have to tackle a WHAT IF question as far as her daughter is concerned. However I just wish to remind her not to take  a 2nd chance on your child’s safety. God has been kind to you this time so don’t push your luck.

Please be aware that in today’s time, no child’s safety can be taken for granted. Parents are supposed to be the people that children trust completely. Please do not betray that trust by being negligent. You brought them into this world therefore you owe it to them to keep them safe.

p.s: This blog contains no pictures of the victims mentioned above so as to give respect to the deceased victims.



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