Jay Master Of The Stairs

Our home being a 2 and a half story has a lot of stairs believe me. Sometimes we get tired going up and down daily and God forbid we forget something on the top most floor once reaching ground floor, we would fight tooth and nail to see who will have to go up and get whatever it was we forgot.

Jay however loves exercising on these stairs. As young as 9 months, when he was mastering crawling he had set his eyes on the stairs but we never allowed him to go anywhere near it much to his dismay. Once he was around 11 months old and had steadied his crawl we taught him how to crawl up the stairs. Every night at bedtime we would allow him to crawl up on his own slowly supervised by either Kuldip or me. We were amazed how he did not falter or slip a step the first time he went up. It didn’t look as if he was climbing for the first time. It looked more like he was a master of the stairs.

Over time, he has climbed up many times and safe to say he has mastered his climb to perfection so much so that it is a chore to keep up with him nowadays.

Sharing a video of Jay and his stairs climbing escapade. This was taken recently when Jay had turned 14 months.


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