Kuldip’s Car Collection- Part IV

I have often heard of the saying a lull before the storm but in real life never really saw its application as yet until recently. After Jay was born Kuldip had slowed down on his car collection hobby and in the recent times no new cars had been brought into the house by our avid collector. When I came across an ad for collectible cars, I hit upon an idea of surprising him with a car for our wedding anniversary.  However i could not keep it a surprise as I needed confirmation on which cars he does not already posses and the shock I was in for arrived by post was not one or two but 5 cars, albeit small ones. Well after seeing that I had finally understood the meaning of the lull before the storm. Now we have 5 new beauties but somehow no space to store so they are still sitting in the post box waiting for a home.

So whilst they are awaiting their new home, I decided to continue my series of Kuldip’s car collection. The only difference this time is that I used the off camera flash method just to see what the images would turn out to be.  One interesting fact is that Kuldip also acquired a Fiat 500 that used to be my grandfather’s car and I used to play in that car whenever we used to make a trip to visit him during my childhood. Since my grandfather is no longer with us, the car now all painted red resides with my aunt in Ipoh, Perak. Hope to one day take a snap of that and put it on the blog too.

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