Look Jay An Elephant

Circa around the 80’s circuses used to frequent town very often and whenever there was a circus in town, my brother and me would patiently wait for our dad and mum to plan an outing to see the circus. How I loved going to the circus. I must have been not more than 6 or 7 years old at that time and that was a very long time ago but I can still remember every detail of the circus so vividly. My most memorable memory of the circus was when during 1 particular visit my dad decided to treat my brother and me to an elephant ride much against my mother’s wishes. Oh boy how wonderful that was, I just can’t describe.  Being able to climb and ride on that majestic animal for a child was a totally mind-blowing experience. Although half way through the ride my slipper fell off and I had to go home with just 1 slipper but seriously for a 6-year-old it was totally worth it.

Years later, during our brief honeymoon in Thailand in 2009, our tour guide suggested we visit an Elephant Sanctuary located nearby. Although my husband was not so keen I jumped at the idea so he had very little choice but to say yes. It was a beautiful experience at the sanctuary. When we arrived the elephant were taking their baths at the nearby river and from a far they were a delight to watch. After enjoying their baths, the elephant were brought about to meet us. Being able to touch the elephant was such a nice feeling.  I was also allowed to ride an elephant briefly bareback as the trainer hoisted me up on one of my majestic friend. So many memories of the circus during childhood came rushing back.  I looked for daddy standing by at the side lines seeing his daughter riding with an anxious but happy face. Only this time daddy was not there at the side lines.  Standing anxiously at the side lines was my anxious husband waiting for Mr. Elephant to bring his wife back.  One day I shall show Jay this video and tell him look Jay its an elephant.

Sharing a video of my brief ride on my majestic friend.


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