ComChest Heartstrings Walk 2013

On the 18th of August we ventured across the causeway as early as 7am to be part of the ComChest Heartstrings Walk organized for charity at the Marina Bay Event Plaza, Singapore. The feeling of being there with thousands of people including old folks on wheelchairs walking 4 km for charity on a bright Sunday morning somehow really felt good. What felt better was that I was there with Kuldip and Jay for some family time whilst contributing to charity. Although we didn’t allow Jay to walk due to the crowd, we allowed him to go on foot for the last lap of the walk and how he enjoyed himself. The only problem was that he often was going the wrong way and Kuldip had to bring him back. Only thing the father didn’t know was that the son was going the wrong way on purpose chasing pretty faces that caught his fancy. Starting young some say. I couldn’t agree more.












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