Spring Is Here

I absolutely love the 1st sign of spring that is indicated by all the beautiful cherry blossoms petals that cover the roads and lanes. The wonderful feeling of seeing all the tree at full bloom whilst we drive by it is just unexplainable. There is something about spring that make my heart go ahhhh! Nice […]

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Hey Its Saturday

Jay is a fair boy. If Friday is mummy’s time then Saturday totally belongs to daddy dearest. It was such a wonderful sight this weekend when both father and son walked the bay hand in hand. It’s always a delight watching the father and son roam the earth together.  Jay almost always manages to make his […]

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Weekend Wanderers

Ever since the state has shifted the weekend rest day to Friday & Saturday, I am home alone with Jay on Fridays as Kuldip has to work. I am not complaining because this has given me time to bond with my son just us mother and son. We have our breakfast outings, play dates, meaningless […]

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Our Anniversary

Although we were registered in Aug 2008, we count 7th March 2009 as our anniversary because after then is when we actually had the full licence to start living as husband and wife. 7th March 2014 marked 5 full years of marriage for us. 5 years and 1 son to boost. I would say it […]

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Weekend Wanderbout

Since Jay is such a big fan of Thomas ( which kid isn’t I wonder), we decided to take him to the local train station near our home, the Kempas Baru station. Although he was scared and clung to his father throughout the whole time there with the noise the nearby train parked on the […]

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A Morning Walk

There is nothing much satisfying than taking Jay out for a walk. Today since the weather was so wonderful, we decided to take him to the bay and let him have a run around. However to our astonishment he loved the pier and water so much, he preferred sitting by the deck and watching the […]

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